Can we claim Car insurance without FIR??

Yes, whether you want to claim your car insurance without FIR then answer is yes you can , you are at the right place .

So I will take  example of my own incident where I had claimed it from  my insurance company that is New India Insurance. 

Friends recently had a met an accident with a bike fortunately the rider and myself   both of us have not received any serious injury, but it has badly damaged the front portion of my car. 

I reached my home town and visited the show room. I have been told that repair  will cost approx 20K. So I decided to claim it from insurance company. The process I had followed is mentioned below.

Intimate the Insurance Company :-

I have called the insurance company and registered my request. over phone regarding the accident , I have been asked regarding the place of accident. And where the vehicle is , what is the loss of the third Party etc. In my case there was no  loss of the third party. 

Appointment With Surveyor:-

Surveyor has visited the same day and taken photos from all angles of the car asked a bunch of question from regarding how the accident happened what is the loss of the third party.Whether I have registered any FIR etc. In My case I have not Registered any FIR as it was a minor accident and by the time would have parked my vehicle near by the road and approached that person he had  runaway from there. 

 Document Verification:- 

He has checked all important documents like driving licence , insurance and registration certificate. and matched the vehicle engine no. etc. 

Claim Approval:-

Surveyor Approved the claim the very day he has visited. for survey post checking all he documents. 

Claim Amount Disbursal:-

My car got repaired  post his approval. I had paid the entire amount to garage. After seven days the amount got disbursed to my  bank  account.I have been charged Rs 1200 for file charges and the amount was adjusted with the claimed amount. 

Screenshot of transaction/ the received amount 

So friends hopefully  this information is useful for you, and yes you can claim car insurance without any FIR as long the third party don’t file FIR against you

Things to remember:- 

Its always recommended  to file a FIR even in case of a minor accident you never know other person  may file one against you, and if you will  not do the same you might lose big. 

Updated: February 15, 2019 — 1:34 pm

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